672 Million Tweets Related Submitted 2014 FIFA World Cup on Twitter

Apart from Facebook, Twitter party today released data on the 2014 FIFA World Cup which took place during the last month. Through it, the Twitter say much more than 627 million Tweets were sent in connection therewith during the period.

This is making it as one of the new record for Tweets that are sent when an event. If seen from the tournament, Brazil and Germany during the tournament semifinals at a figure Tweet highest, totaling more than 35.6 million Tweets.

Twitter also says that any time the German victory in the FIFA World Cup 2014, a total of over 618.725 Tweets were sent per minute, thus making it as one of the historic moment.

The Twitter also provides an overview of the specific map, to show how Twitter is used during the 2014 FIFA World Cup is around the world.

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