ALTEL Coming Launches 4G Service On This July 18

ALTEL is one of the new telecommunications company, where he was the company that received the largest slot for 4G spectrum in Malaysia compared to other telcos. Now, after a long, ALTEL seen already preparing to introduce their services. 

Previously, the ALTEL aims to introduce LTE services on July 1, but it is seen as a slight delay due to some technical tests. 

On this day, ALTEL only offer services in the form of prepayment, and they use him Celcom network. Adding support for LTE networks could be introduced gradually by region by their side. 

Through LTE support, it is expected to offer data speeds in the range of 3 to 5 times more than the existing 3G network, enabling users to make a variety of things more quickly, as well as enjoy the media without any interruption or delay. 

Currently, the supply of the ALTEL, and packages will be available is still not fully known. With only two days remaining, together we look forward to more information about the LTE offerings from ALTEL later.

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