(Concept) Twitter Applications For Android With Design "Material Design"

Google at the Google I / O last year introduced a new design for Android, named the "Material Design". Some developers have begun to develop their applications with the design guidelines, and there are also those that present the concept for popular applications available. 

One is from the Pixel Shift that shows the conceptual design for the Twitter app with custom Material Design.

For most users, they are not so liked designs Twitter app for Android today. I myself, just simply access the main timeline menu and notification only (and sometimes DM), thus making the main menu at the top of quite disturbing.

Through this conceptual design, it carries the menu on the side (like some Twitter applications), as also demonstrated optimizing for tablet users. 

So what do you have on the design of this concept? Do you love it or more mengemari pre-existing design?

Source: Pixel Shift

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