Cortana: Germany More Chance to Win the FIFA 2014 World Cup

Cortana is a smart virtual assistant that was introduced by Microsoft in conjunction Windows Phone 8.1. It allows the user to create multiple assignments, as well as present with some offering quick info through it. 

In conjunction with the 2014 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil, the Microsoft also includes a special algorithm, to allow Cortana make predictions for the winner of the match. 

Until now, all these predictions are accurate Cortana, and no errors so far. In fact, when the semi-finals, it also predicts Brazil and the Netherlands will be lost, as also predicted final between Germany and Argentina. 

For the final, Cortana seen say the Germans have a higher chance to win against Argentina, as well as to match the third and fourth, Brazil is expected to win. 

The final match of FIFA 2014 World Cup will be held on Monday morning to come.

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