Microsoft Wants to Replace Nokia X Android Devices With Windows Phone

Microsoft today has shared some announcements about the device they are, and here is where they announced they would stop production of Android-based devices, instead offering the Windows Phone-based devices to offer their low specification phone. 

With the announcement of Microsoft, they want to make these changes immediately, where they will use a variety of design and planning of Nokia X (Android) to a Windows Phone device specification low. In any case, Microsoft says it will continue to sell and support the Nokia X devices available. 

These announcements appear every few weeks after Microsoft announced the Nokia X2. In any case, with the restructuring of the Microsoft, it may be something that has been expected to be public, thus facilitating further the Microsoft platform to continue to focus on their operations. 

On our own, this step may be more appropriate with Microsoft, as Nokia X began to offer intelligent devices at lower prices. However, instead of offering them lately, price lower than the Lumia devices with Nokia X, in addition to the Android platform used in Nokia X will not be popular - as was removed Google services, as well as a time delay is relatively high compared to some other devices . Perhaps by offering devices from China at low price, the Microsoft through Nokia can retain them by offering a uniquely low specification devices running the operating system Windows Phone. 

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