Screenshot Huawei Emotion UI 3.0 Expose - Bringing Design "Horizontal"

Almost every Android smartphone manufacturers have specific interface brought by them to offer a different user experience compared to some other manufacturers. Not to miss is Huawei with their EmotionUI. 

Finally, some pictures tertiris EmotionUI 3.0 shows the design to be presented by the manufacturer from China. The new design is seen bringing design element "horizontal" which became a trend lately.

Roughly, it can be said to take its inspiration from Apple iOS 7 and MIUI for a number of elements, as well as the use of color as being more similar to the interface LG G3. 

It is not known yet whether the first device that will use this interface, and when existing devices such as Ascend P7 will receive updates for this interface EmotionUI 3.0. 

For you, what is your comment on the new design?

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