Sky-High Magnetic POD To Be The Future of Public Transport Mode

Pod Magnetic Sky-High may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but it is possible it could be the future of public transport. 

"SkyTran", a NASA Space Act, is a two-person pod monorail system connected to the track maglev (magnetic levitation). 

Suspended about 6 feet above the ground, the concept is being marketed as a means of transportation "fast, safe, green, and the economy". 

The first system is being built in Tel Aviv, Israel on campus Aerospace Industries (IAI), and slated for completion in 2016 and plan network development stage around the city are being planned. 

And if all goes well it will be built in other countries as well, with tracks designed to Toulouse, France, and San Francisco. 

Tickets will be sold at a cost of about U.S. $ 5 per trip and the company predicts that "most users are tourists transportation"

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