Updates From Samsung Exynos chip Including LTE Support Built In

Until now, relatively processing chip from Qualcomm only includes LTE radio built in their chips. But, it is now changing as the Samsung joins LTE radio support includes a built in their latest Exynos processor chips - Exynos ModAP. 

This is something that is expected in view of the increasing use of LTE devices worldwide. Through ModAP latest Exynos processor chips, it comes with a four-core support, other support also includes image processing (image signal processor). 

Samsung did not give when ModAP processing chips will present on their devices. Some speculation has also said it might be included on the Galaxy Note 4 which will appear soon. 

In addition to the four-core chip ModAP, the Samsung also has several variations offer processing chips, including an eight-core chip based big.LITTLE build in.

Source: AndroidCentral

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