Want to Buy POWERBANK? What are Some Features That Should Be Given Attention Before Buying?

If you are an active user of a portable device like ours, perhaps familiarity smartphone battery will last around about 9 hours. This is often disturbing, especially when we work out. As an alternative to your smartphone erased so alone, and to keep the battery of your phone, one device that can help is POWERBANK.

POWERBANK can be said as one of the portable battery charger, and many manufacturers offer them in the market. Most of them can be said to be present in China, and several other device manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony, Xiaomi and others also offer their own brand POWERBANK. 

With a variety of offerings this, of course it might make you a little bit difficult in deciding to make the purchase of your POWERBANK. So, what are some of the features that need to be addressed before buying it? 

Input and Output 

Output produced by a POWERBANK is one thing to know before you buy it, and it also depends on the device you will use for the purpose of charging. 

Arguably the most of today's smartphones can receive charging at 1A, and some smart phones that receive more of it. For example, a smartphone equipped with the support of Qualcomm Quick Charge may receive up to 2A power charging via USB port - as well make use POWERBANK charging time faster than the norm.

In addition to smartphones, tablets can also receive some charging a higher power. For example, the iPad will not charge at 1A power, and need more of it. Some POWERBANK was present with two charging ports, which are usually at 1A and 2.1a. 

In addition to the output, how input or how something POWERBANK charged also noteworthy. There are some that require the cable POWERBANK own and not using the common USB cable for charging. This may not be popular as the need to manage another extra cable to be stored. 

Some sellers POWERBANK also recommend using a cable that comes with the device to be connected between devices purchased with POWERBANK. 

Storage capacity 

Storage capacity also plays an important role in making your POWERBANK purchase. Roughly, it can be said where POWERBANK with higher energy storage capacity will be larger and heavier. This may require you to choose according to your convenience to take anywhere, and do not bother with POWERBANK large size. 

In addition, with large capacity, it will take longer charging POWERBANK him - but can be used for charging the device several times compared with the small capacity. 

Often times people who make calculations based on storage capacity and battery power POWERBANK smartphones. This calculation can be said to be somewhat less accurate because sometimes some power is lost in the process, in addition to any POWERBANK also sometimes used not only as smart phones run out of battery completely. 

Keep Original Brand 

With POWERBANK dumping on the market today, the brand and originality POWERBANK itself should be addressed. There are several vendors who sell counterfeit POWERBANK which is present in the form of alkaline batteries do not last long. It can also be said to be quite harmful to your own devices. 

To make sure you buy the original charger, maybe you can get POWERBANK from the vendor or the official distributor of a brand, or to buy directly through their stores.

Most manufacturers of mobile devices, such as Sony, BlackBerry, and others have their own POWERBANK. If looking for something cheap, maybe you can get POWERBANK of the Xiaomi is priced at RM36 for 10400mAh capacity. 


Other items that also may be considered by you when you want to buy something POWERBANK include the number of ports available for charging, and a number of additional features. Li-Polymer based POWERBANK also be more secure and have a low charge loss rate compared to some other POWERBANK. 

Users may also be able to give attention to a number of security features and compatibility with the device attached to a POWERBANK before making the purchase - to prevent it damaging your device, or a sudden burst.

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