AirVR Change Your iPad Mini Being Device-Virtual Reality

Virtual-reality devices and talked quite popular this year, especially with acquisitions ocular Rift, the Samsung with VR gear, and also the introduction of Google Cardboard. Currently, a project is developed and began raising funds in Kickstarter - named as AirVR.

AirVR focuses on the use of iPad Mini and iPhone 6 Plus for modified and used as a virtual-reality device. Users only need to use a tablet and phablet from Apple is a complementary device along AirVR tool to use as a virtual-reality device.

As virtual reality technology, this also requires optimizing in terms of software, the developer also provides some specific applications, including for pictures, video, games and so on.

We had previously seen people using and also Samsung ocular Rift Gear VR. Its size is quite BESSAR - and from some pictures AirVR this, it can be said the use of the iPad Mini is quite large and may be made public with a strange look when used in public.

This project is still raising funds , and accumulated nearly $ 15,000 from $ 20,000 which is targeted by the builders.

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