Apple Reported to Collaborate With Visa and MasterCard Payment Via iPhone

Apple is reported to be ready to integrate support NFC smartphone iPhone 6 will come of them, and now a few more details to attend the show, to be realized. 

According to a report from Bloomberg, the Apple rumored to be working with some of the parties to realize the payment using the iPhone, which is between the parties involved, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

To accomplish this, we will likely see support TouchID used along with NFC support, allowing users to make payments via their smartphones. 

By focusing on payments using mobile devices as well, it was once expected to continue to expand the use of income-generation support provided by Apple iTunes. 

As things done in Apple often becomes the focus and impact on the industry, this identification may also be memperuaskan use payments using mobile devices. 

Previously, the Samsung Galaxy S5 together has introduced support PayPal payment, and confirmed using a fingerprint scanner support. However, it is limited to a few countries at the time. Perhaps the Apple will also introduce it in a few countries during initial introduction.

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