Register as Streamyx, Unifi, Maxis Agent for Free!

  • Of course one of you want to make more money with your own right?...i will show you how to be a successful Streamyx, Unifi, Maxis agent and earn 1k-3k per month and work LIKE A BOSS.
  • provide FREE registration for all Malaysian to participate be Agent and working by yourself and i guarantee you will earn more than RM100 each commision for each pakage.
  • Example for streamyx pakage 1MB you will get RM140 for streamyx and RM15 for phone line. Total RM155!...very simple!
Streamyx Pakage

Unifi Pakage

Streamyx Commision

You will get 165% commision from each pakage.

You only can register for one time only, keep your email and password properly and register using a valid email address.
**Important Notice
  •  Make sure fill the form on web complete with no mistake.
  • Scan your customer I.C with jpeg, png or pdf format and don't capture I.C with phone camera for this purpose because system will automatically reject your application.
  • Tell customer about 1 year contract and need to pay RM50 for cable installation for outside cable to their house. 

Steps to do Registration: 
  1. Ask your customer fill out form and Photostat I.C (form can be download at At reference click at sales material.
  2. Tell your customer contractor will install phone line first with 3 days working days and streamyx within 1-2 weeks working days. And need to pay RM50 for cable installation. (except if they already got phone line).
  3. TM Bill will come to your customer house within 2 months after successfully registration.
  4. Easy?...Goodluck...:) 

Congratulations. You now are officially be parts of Tagter Partner.
**Any question can be reply here or pm me at facebook page

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