Upgrade to Windows 9 is Free For Windows 8 Users

Each time a new version of Windows to appear on the market, Microsoft will often give discounts to customers who want to upgrade to the latest version. For Microsoft Windows 9 seems to be giving baking T Teleconferencing Telesidang U free to every user of Windows 8. 

This news certified by the CEO and director of Microsoft Indonesia Andreas Diantoro. He was quoted by the Daily Ticker T Teleconferencing Telesidang U confirmed baking these operating systems will be downloaded automatically by the computer Windows 8. 

Windows 9 is not yet officially confirmed, but special events are already set by Microsoft 30 September next. Among the reforms that will be brought by Windows 9 is support for virtual desktop, Start menu, the ability to open a Metro app (ModernUI) in a window on your desktop, notification center, and the integration of Cortana. 

We ourselves are still using Windows 7 I hope Windows 9 can fix some of the problems of Windows 8 that makes us stay with Windows 7.

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