eBay Will Dividing PayPal To Separate Companies In 2015

eBay today officially announced that they will divide the company's operations and between eBay and PayPal separately, starting from the second half of 2015 due. 

With this division, some changes will be made, including the two companies will have different CEO than it is today. 

eBay is a web of trading world, and took over PayPal as a payment platform for him before. However, with the years, as bound with eBay PayPal - thus hindering it to grow in a positive, when compared with some other payment services in the market. 

Isolation is also expected to attract more sellers and e-commerce companies to use PayPal's services. Anyway, as usual, division and separation eBay and PayPal has to go through different phases and obtain the consent of the authorities, and is only expected to be completed next year.

Source: eBay

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