Facebook "Safety Check" That Are Check Whether You Are Save or Not in Disaster Areas

Facebook today added a new function in their social service, called "Safety Check". Through it, Facebook would allow you to share your current status whether it is safe or not when you was in the disaster area.

As public aware, Facebook has become one of the main medium to share various things, including when they are in or near the disaster areas such as earthquake, floods, and so on.

Through this new function, using geolocation support, the Facebook will show a notification if you are in an area that seemed due to a disaster. Facebook said third notification will be shown based on the location of your city on Facebook, or the location where you use your device.

Through a notification, the user can choose whether you are safe, and also choose where you were outside of the area if you're not at that location.

Once you make your selection, it will be sent to friends and family members, allowing them to know where you are in a safe condition.

Source: Facebook

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