Google Reported Preparing to Launch Messaging Services Similar to WhatsApp

Google already present with several messaging services, including Google Talk which is, and the latest is Hangouts. However, it still failed to attract many users public, and the Google reportedly is looking into several methods to attract consumers. 

One of them, it is reported that Google may be present with a simple messaging application - probably using a phone number as well as the identity of your Google account, more or less like messaging application WhatsApp, Wechat and others. It will also focus on messaging with a simple interface and targeting consumers with buyers in developing countries. 

According to the Economic Times, Google is prepared to consider the Indian market (which became the first country for the introduction of Android One), and seen Hangouts is not really suitable for use there. 

It is not known yet when Google will officially introduce it. Given the presence of the One who is targeting Android users in the country, developing countries, the likely Google will soon introduce thus attract more users to use their services.

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