Microsoft Announces Windows 10. New Generation Operating Systems For all of Devices

Microsoft today through a special event in the United States has announced updates to the Windows operating system family. New name for their operating system is Windows 10.

Windows 10 is seen to be consistent with a wide range of devices from smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and so on. With Windows 10, too, that Microsoft will focus on a family of products under one platform, and using a similar app store. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 will support the screen size from 4 inches up to 80-inci- and will also replace the Windows Phone after this.

Windows 10 will be bringing many new changes when compared to Windows 8.1 before. These include support for the Start menu integrated with Live Tiles, more focused on the consumer desktop, the ability to run applications ModernUI with its own window, as well as support for virtual desktops.

In addition to desktop users, Microsoft also maintains its touch-friendly features, such as support Charm Bar, and the display size larger buttons for touch screen users. There is a special mode which varies according to the type of device - whether it supports touch-screen or otherwise.

Microsoft also stressed that any Windows 10 would be consistent with a variety of traditional enterprise software, making life easier for them to switch to a new operating system without worry about non-compatibility.

Windows 10 will be officially launched in 2015 or later, and Microsoft is expected to share more about the universal application for various device sizes in April next year.

For users who want to try it, Microsoft is expected to offer a version of the Technical Preview for laptops and desktops starting tomorrow.

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