Microsoft Will Offer Best Quick Update Option For Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced Windows 10 Technical Preview a few days ago, and now some new information about present - and one of them is focused on updates.

It is said that where Microsoft will offer two optional updates to users, a focus on those who want rapid updates, while another will focus on enterprise users.

Through its rapid updates, Microsoft will offer a variety of updates quickly to users - enabling new functionality available to users, including updates in terms of Cortana and others.

This well will be one of the Windows 10 operating system attractive from the perspective of users - as they will receive security updates from Microsoft and others from time to time.

In addition to offering faster updates, Microsoft is also expected to provide updated functionality specific to the enterprise - which will focus on supply security and critical updates. This is in line with the demands of the enterprise for which only want to update only stable and not expect any new functionality.

As usual, this time it's just speculation only, and Microsoft still has not issued any official statement related.

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