PIKOM: Internet Price in Malaysia Have to Be Lowered

Internet subscription price is one of the things that often mustache by the users, and it now seems the chairman of the Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry of Malaysia (PIKOM) also emphasized same thing.

PIKOM which was quoted saying in internet subscription price should be lowered, as the internet has become a necessity in today's society.

At the same time, PIKOM also said that where the quality of service needs to be improved, since many users say they are not getting the services in line with the price paid for them.

Roughly speaking, the average price-band width and paid internet subscription is about RM79 to RM133, which is quite expensive compared to other countries.

On our own, paid subscription is quite expensive compared to the bids received. While there are some providers like ABNxcess and Symphonet provides customer at a bargain price, but it seems they do not offer services widely, and there are some users who questioned the quality of their services.

The subscription price will be too low to enable more users to subscribe to and access the internet, as well as enhance the digital industry in Malaysia.

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