Solarbox: Free Device Battery Charging Kiosks

Mobile phone use is widely made ​​public that existed millions of phones around the world are not relevant. Personally, the last time we use a public telephone was 14 years ago when the mobile phone we fail to receive a cellular signal. In Kuala Lumpur, we realized the majority of the public phone booth and is now only iron bracket only. 

In London thousands of iconic red telephone booths are now abandoned and homeless shelter when the weather is cold. This gives the idea to Harold Craston and Kirsty Kenny, two students from the London School of Economics to create Solarbox. Abandoned telephone booth converted into a cottage charging solar-powered device. Inside there are four charging cable Solarbox device most widely used public. Solar panels placed on the roof Solarbox able to charge the device by 20% within 10 minutes. In the hut, there is an iPad owner who plays the ad while waiting for their devices to avoid it being stolen iPad dicas.Bagi was placed in a special shell Solarbox and kiosks will be locked at night. Currently only a Solarbox open with plans to open five more by April 2015 Cost of maintenance and manufacturing Solarbox incurred by the sale of advertising on the built-in screen. The response to the cottage this charger is encouraging. This is a project of recycling old things that are good for the community. 

4 years ago in Malaysia are free charging kiosk in KL Monorail platform. We do not know why this charging kiosks no longer exists because it is used by some of our emergency. Solarbox ideas might be applied in Malaysia, provided the user knows safeguard public property. Sometimes these public projects are not durable in Malaysia since many behave like monkeys get flowers.

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