Ubuntu 15.04 To Be Known By Name Code "Vivid Vervet" - Coming April 2015

Canonical's Ubuntu 14.10 will be launched this week, and as is the custom, its founder, Mark Shuttleworth has today officially announced the official name for Ubuntu 15.04 soon.

For the next version, Ubuntu 15.04 will be known by the code name "Vivid Vervet", and will be officially launched in April 2015 soon. For the record, Ubuntu is an operating system based on Linux, where it offers a new version of the operating system every six months - in April and October.

Ubuntu this year took a step forward with their operating systems, and offers it to the smartphone. It has been developed over the last version, and it is expected to be commercialized with several device manufacturers, and one of them is the Meizu.

In addition to phones, it is also optimized for tablets, than are offered for laptop and desktop.

Moving forward, the Ubuntu developers want to bring it to a variety of other devices, making it as one of the operating systems that include various sizes of the device.

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