A8 Chip On New iPhone Comes With Supported 4K Video Playing

Recording 4K video, and playing it back is two different things. Apple has introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus before this, and one thing that is not emphasized their support is the ability to play a 4K video hosted by A8 processor chips.

Whatever, 4K video play function is not enabled by Apple, so it is not likely to affect the performance and user experience when using the device.

Findings support 4K video play is performed by application developers WALTR which allows users to drag-drop video files from computer to iPhone OS X, mainly non-supported format such as MKV and FLAC. For iPhone users who want to try to play a 4K video on your device, you can try this application WALTR offered at a price of $29.95.

Source: TUAW

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