GoPro Reportedly Coming To Offer Drones For Users In The Next Year

GoPro well known among many users because of their action camera product offerings that are widely used. Now, he also said GoPro will also sell the drones, which is also equipped with a camera for users at the end of next year.

On this day, there are a number of drones in the market that comes with the support of recording images using a third-party camera which are mainly the GoPro. With GoPro itself into the arena, maybe they will be able to attract their fans, while at the same time ensuring that consumers get good deals.

According to initial reports, the new device is expected to be marketed at a price likely to be between $500 (RM1675) to $1,000 (RM3351). The introduction of these products is also expected to increase the supply of products under GoPro family.

All users know how good the quality of GoPro camera, and now many are looking forward necessarily how the quality of their drones, as well as how it will entail a difference in the world of photography.

Source: Wsj

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