Telegram 2.0 Comes With The Hiding "Last Seen" and Deleting Accounts Feature

Telegram is a messaging application with similar deals resemble WhatsApp. Finally, today the developer issued Telegram 2.0 for Android and iPhone users, offers some new functionality along with it.

Telegram 2.0 comes with the ability for users to hide the status of "Last Seen", while also offering the ability to delete accounts after a period of time. If you do not log on to the Telegram for at least 6 months, the overall data will be erased. Users also can set its own time frame of 1 month to a year in the settings.

Especially for Android users, Telegram 2.0 also comes with an interface Material Design - parallel with the introduction of Android 5.0 lollipops.

For iOS users, the third-Telegram Giphy include integration, allowing users to create animated GIF image search and share with their friends. In addition, if a link to YouTube or shared Instagram, Telegram will now display a preview image for easy viewing the contents without having to open the link.

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