Yahoo! Reportedly Will Close Office In Malaysia On December 14

Yahoo! is one of the most popular internet portal in the world, and even now many still use some of the services offered by them, including Flickr, Tumblr and Yahoo! Mail. 

In Malaysia, the Yahoo! has their own office, which consists of editorial and advertising sales team. However, it may not last for a long time. 

Finally, TechCrunch reported that Yahoo is in the restructuring efforts will shut down some of their operations office, including in Malaysia. In fact, some workers reported sales already stopped. 

Yahoo! itself can be said to suffer from a reduction in the use of day-to-day, and more people have turned to some other portal - in addition to the use of mobile devices, users are more comfortable using mobile devices for a variety of purposes. 

Besides Malaysia, other countries are reported to be involved, including Indonesia and Vietnam. As usual, the Yahoo! has not issued any statement at this time.

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