Mi Band - Smart Bracelet From Xiaomi Worth RM59 in Malaysia

Xiaomi today officially lists their smart bracelet for the Malaysian market, which it will be priced at RM59 - making it one of the cheapest smart bracelets on the market today.

For introduction, Xiaomi also will sell it along with Redmi Note 4G on Today, which is the package together with smart devices based 4G will be sold at RM648. For starters, it does not seem to be sold separately, and will be offered through the sales package together Xiaomi mobile devices.

Xiaomi Mi Band is a smart bracelet that focuses on fitness. It does not include a screen, but comes with several sensors and has a battery life of up to 30 days to survive. Using this Mi Band, users can monitor their various activities such as running, fitness activities and so on, overall monitoring several data such as calories burned. It can also be used to monitor how you sleep - but requires you to wear it while sleeping. A special application is available for users to view multiple data use, and analyze related data through the application. It is offered for users of Android only for now but said it would support the iPhone soon. This smart bracelet also bring support to vibrate when you receive a call, and also comes with a waterproof support.

Source: Facebook

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