Telegram Now Let You Change Your Phone Number

Telegram is one of the messaging services like WhatsApp, it's allow you to send text-based messages, media, other files and also document form. This week, they have offered updates to Android and iOS users, bringing with some new functionality.

One of the main focuses is the ability for users to change the phone number on the application. Maybe sometimes you want to change your phone number, but at the same time want to maintain your friends in Telegram. Through this update, you can make changes in the phone number, and since all the data stored in the cloud, then it will simplify the process of transferring your data to a new number, and follow the conversation with your friends.

Your friends on Telegram will automatically receive your new number and update on their address book. It also simplifies the process of manually notify the relevant changes to your new phone number.

This could also be an expansion of the use of usernames that were introduced by the Telegram before. In addition to the introduction of new functions, is now seen as having a wide range of third-Telegram interesting plan for next year, where they now provide the URL Telegram.ME page, and each user can use to increase their names on the URL to tell a friend about this application. For example, if I use username YOURNAME, then the special URL is When users tap on the name of the page, it will automatically open the application Telegram and lets you send messages.

In addition, the update to Android and iOS, which is also now also bring security and encryption support higher, while ensuring that data you send and receive safer.

Source: Telegram

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