Google Reportedly Was Start Discussing With Automotive Company For Automatic Guided Car

Google ready to show the car is driven automatically from them several times before. Now, it is reported by Google has begun discussions with several manufacturers to assist in the production and marketing later in 2020.

Among the companies that have been discuss with the Google is Toyota, Ford, Daimler AG, Volkswagen AG and General Motors.

In the arena of vehicles, automatic guided vehicles has become one of the race among many producers, and some of them have already demonstrated their prototypes.

Google itself has demonstrated a prototype vehicle in enabling the car is driven automatically without the need for manual control.

Google reportedly already working with some producers component in helping develop this automated guided vehicles. However, as usual, one of the things that will make it slow marketed are rules and laws of a country - as many things need to be taken into account particularly in terms of consumer safety.

Besides Google, other companies also aiming to introduce and market their automated guided vehicles to the public later in 2020.

Source: Reuters

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