JomPAY Want to Facilitate Company Receiving Payment From Over 42 Bank

On this day, there are a number of services that facilitate service providers and enterprises to accept payments from users via internet banking. One of such services is also managed by subsidiaries of Bank Negara is JomPAY.

JomPAY seen to facilitate dealers or organization to receive payments easily from users in more than 42 bank branches nationwide. Services and initiatives carried free by the MyClear (subsidiary of Bank Negara), but there may be charges for bank transactions, depending on the choice of a business. To register, business owners need only contact the JomPAY, and the bank will contact you.

Once completed, you will receive a special code, which the user who wants to buy only need to enter the code on the online banking without having to enter any bank account numbers and so on.

JomPAY say every transaction before 5pm will be transferred to the account of the company on the same day, while transactions after 5pm will be moved to the next day.

For general users, the process of payment to the taxpayer's account is facilitated where it can be done through approximately 42 banks in Malaysia without a problem, and you do not have to worry about extra charges for transactions between the bank and so on.

JomPAY program is still in the early stage at the moment, and it is not impossible for us to see it developed with a more positive outlook from time to time as it is managed by a subsidiary under Bank Negara Malaysia.

Source: JomPAY

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