Microsoft Reportedly Maybe Showing Hybrid Device Phone-Laptop On Windows 10 Event

Microsoft Windows 10 will hold events where they are expected to share some things and updates pertaining to their new-generation operating system. As all know, it brought about a change in the Windows ecosystem as a whole, where the focus of Microsoft's operating system for a variety of screen sizes.

Microsoft never talked briefly about it before, where they aim to facilitate builders - they just need to develop an application only for use on smartphones, tablets and computers - in addition to further facilitate the users to use their operating system on a variety of screen sizes.

Besides, now present a new report says Microsoft may exhibit a hybrid-shaped device that brings a combination of a change from the phone to the laptop - might also be one of Microsoft's efforts in demonstrating the ability to apply that change according to the screen size.

It is not known whether the device is just a prototype and will be marketed to the public.

Before this, we never saw the Asus Padfone, which brings the combined tablet and phone, while Ubuntu Edge also saw the use of the phone as a CPU that can connect to the monitor to be used as a computer.

Source: Neowin

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