Microsoft Takes Hologram World Step Forward With Project HoloLens

With Windows 10, Microsoft emphasized to the operating system for a variety of applications, and they do not stop at the existing devices only, but also comes with an optimized to use hologram.

Together the various announcements, Microsoft also took the opportunity to show on the main stage of the first holographic computing platform in the world where the user needs to use a device called HoloLens, and interact and use the various functions with hand gestures and voice commands.

Microsoft said through this HoloLens, they want to allow user comes with new things, access to information, in addition to enjoying the content and also to communicate in new ways.

These things just were shown only for the moment, in addition to providing an API for developers to develop their own holographic experience. It could be the first step of Microsoft, and maybe it will go through various other phases before first used by general users.

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