Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Expected Come With 4GB RAM

Starting this year, several manufacturers have announced a smartphone device with a memory support of 4GB of RAM. Currently, two producers who've announced is Asus and also Xiaomi. With the MWC event scheduled for March later, more manufacturers are expected to do the same, and did not miss is Samsung.

Samsung already announced earlier that they would produce 4GB RAM memory for mobile devices are widely during this year and the announcement comes from the development and production of memory to the device. It is not surprising that various parties willing to speculate which Samsung will probably use it on the new device to their doorstep.

Some rumors said previously existing Galaxy S6 will come with 3GB of RAM memory. If it is true, then perhaps we will be able to see the Samsung Galaxy S6 offers several variations - and maybe one of them using a memory of 4GB of RAM.

Besides Galaxy S6, the Samsung is also expected to introduce a variations from this model with using a curved edges on both sides with additional screen. This thing ever done by Samsung with the Galaxy Note 4, and they received numerous compliments when it - but the products were not widely offered.

Does this model will generate a lot of sales? We will see if Samsung can create more better mobile devices than Asus & Xiaomi.

Source: GsmArena

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