Singapore Start a Automated Guided Car Test Early as This March

Automatic guided car ready to be one warm conversation. Interestingly, it is now seen Singapore will be among the first countries to test it on the open road - as early as March 2015.

It reported several roads with low traffic conditions selected for this test phase, which connects them Biopolis, Fusionpolis and also Mediapolis. 6 kilometer long road will allow those who involved in guided automatic test it in real-world conditions and not only in the laboratory test.

As all know, the price of vehicles in Singapore is very high especially with the addition of various types of taxes. Through the use of the car in automatic pilot, the Singapore government wants to be seen promoting the use of vehicles sharing among users - making it as one mode of transport in Singapore. The use of automatic vehicle partnership is also expected to reduce the number of vehicles up to 1/3 in Singapore.

Some companies are ready to test the automatic guided vehicles, and in Singapore itself, National University of Singapore is ready to collaborate with MIT in the test vehicle comes with automatic drive support.

Source: Channelnewsasia

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