WhatsApp Finally Comes With Web Client That Simplify Using WhatsApp On Computer

WhatsApp today formally introduced the web version of WhatsApp, allowing Whatsapp users to log in to WhatsApp service using their computers.

WhatsApp web requires users to scan the QR code displayed using WhatsApp application in mobile devices. Currently, WhatsApp Web only supports BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone. According to the WhatsApp, iOS users can not be used at the moment as the limits set by Apple on their platform.

All users must use the latest version of WhatsApp application, where the WhatsApp has added a new menu on their application, named as WhatsApp Web. Access it, it will open the camera app to scan the QR code displayed on the web browser.

After scanning, you will automatically be logged in to WhatsApp Web, and all the chat window can also be accessed via the web including the ones shared by WhatsApp.

Users also can search for friends in the search panel on WhatsApp Web, and it pulls data from a user's device. WhatsApp party asks users to connect their mobile devices to WiFi in order to avoid excessive data usage.

We've tried it briefly, and it operates smoothly without problems. WhatsApp also integrate support notifications of web browser, allows users to know if there would be notified of new messages received by them.

Introduction of this WhatsApp Web will necessarily popular, because now you can already interact with friends using a web browser on a computer once you no longer need to check your phone screen whenever you receive a message from WhatsApp.

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