Canon Developing 250-Megapixel Sensor - Can Distinguish Text On Airplane As Far 18KM

Canon is one of the leading companies in imaging and camera. Today, they announced the latest development in their company, an APS-H CMOS sensor which allows recording a 250-megapixel (19,580 x 12,600 pixels) - making it the highest number of pixels in the world today for a CMOS sensor.

Although using a large sensor, but it operates at a glance. Canon says it can speed readout 1.25 billion pixels per second with their latest signal processing technology. In addition, it also can record video quality at ultra-pixel 5fps.

From the comparison provided by Canon, the sensor is mounted on the camera, it lets users differentiate the inscription on the edge of the image recording plane flying at a distance of up to 18km from a recording.

The announcement of Canon's more to show their imaging sensor technology development. It may take a long time again before using the camera comes onto the market.

Source: CANON

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