Force Touch Support On iPhone 6S Reportedly Will Detect Three Phase touch - Is It 3D Touch?

Apple has introduced Force Touch support on the Apple Smart Watch, while also bringing it to the Macbook. For iPhone 6s that will be introduced this week, Apple said it will also include the Force Touch screen smart phone.

Through a recent report, he said that Apple will use the touch capabilities to detect three different levels - and may be called by Apple as "3D Touch Display".

Through three levels of touch has to offer, Apple says will detect ordinary tap when users tap the screen, and also when users tap the screen to get stronger.

It is also expected to offer additional functionality through its uses. For example, users can search the location on the map, and click on the screen through the Force Touch to activate the navigation function immediately.

Apple is expected to share about their new smartphone, later this week.

Apart from Apple, before, Huawei announced that Huawei Mate S Force Touch brings support, and also using promotional pictures show the user can consider using the screen on the phone. Could it be that one day we will see more devices using the Force Touch comes onto the market?

Source: 9TO5MAC

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