Samsung Announces 12GB Memory DRAM LPDDR4, Opens To The Smartphone With 6GB of RAM

In addition to producing the smartphone, they also have developed a number of components such as memory, storage and also the screen. Today, they share the company's current development that Samsung became the first to announce a 12GB memory LPDDR4 designs based on 20-nanometer process.

Samsung said the new design and production features low power consumption in the memory, and processing of data on double.

Compared to previous versions, the 12GB version offers speeds 30% faster, and at the same time reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

Uses LPDDR4 12GB memory also allows the use 3GB RAM or 6GB RAM on the device. Samsung said its use will demonstrate mobile device with up to 6GB of RAM memory, while offering high performance usage, along with multi-tasking abilities better.

Since it uses the same space as the space use 3GB of RAM these days, so manufacturers do not have to make major changes in recent memory.

Samsung also said LPDDR4 memory usage may not be limited to smartphones and tablets, but at the same time also integrates support for thin-size PC, or on your automotive device.

Source: Samsung

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