Samsung Reportedly Smart Watch Gear S2 Will Support iPhone

Samsung at IFA 2015 held last week, has seen a focus on connected devices. FYI, the success or IoT devices are connected, they need to support multiple platforms - and the case is seen to be initiated by Samsung via new smart watch them.

Samsung at IFA 2015 has launched the smart watch with their circular screen S2 is called Gear. It generated using Tizen platform, and comes in a choice of gear S2, S3 Gear Gear Classic and S2 3G.

Samsung previously only offered support their smart watches are limited to Samsung Galaxy device user alone, but for them also tell Gear S2 will support a variety of other Android devices.

Now, a new report said Samsung was saying it is not just limited to another Android device, but it also will include support for the iPhone.

However, no date was given for the moment when it will release. However, this commitment to multi-platform is one thing that many anticipated.

Apart from Samsung, the company is prepared to support a variety of platforms including Microsoft and Google.

Source: DigitalSpy

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