Microsoft Will End Support All versions of Internet Explorer on January 2016 Except IE11

After introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft have equally introduced a new web browser called Microsoft Edge. Now, Microsoft also announced it will discontinue support for multiple older versions of Internet Explorer.

Starting January 12 2016, Microsoft will discontinue support for all versions of Internet Explorer except Internet Explorer 11.
According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer 11 still can be use on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are supported by them.

Microsoft asked for all existing users of Internet Explorer to upgrade to the latest version of web browser, or even update the operating system to Windows 10 and use Microsoft Edge. As always, you also can use some third-party web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome - some even have begun ending support for older operating systems.

As usual, without the latest updates to the web browser, it makes the user vulnerable to various security issues, in addition to not enjoy a wide range of the latest web technology applied.

Source: Microsoft

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