AirBar Brings Touch Screen Support On Laptop With Regular Screen

Windows design lately is quite friendly to the touch screen, and perhaps you are using old laptop without a touch screen support but wanted it to be touch screen. To solve this problem, without replacing your laptop they introduced a new accessory called AirBar.
AirBar is a bar attached to the bottom of the screen, and it works with user's computer screen with translucent light. AirBar connected to a computer using a USB port, and user can perform various gestures like zoom, swiping, scrolling, and so on.

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AirBar interact with light, and this allows users to interact with the screen not only using finger, but also when they are wearing gloves, using pencil and etc.

For now, AirBar only supports Windows 7 and the latest computer with a screen size of 15.6-inches. It will be launched at CES 2016 or later, and costs $49.

Source: Air.Bar

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