Alibaba Sales Reach $1 Billion In 8 Minutes Only

Single's worldwide enriching Alibaba of US $1 billion in the last 8 minutes compared to last year, about 17 minutes. This is because of the sales in Single Day (Single's Day) which is equivalent to Black Friday China.

At mid-day, sales reached US $9 billion which is equivalent to all day Alibaba sale in conjunction of Single Day last year., company e-commerce platform in China is also the second largest but only got 14 million orders.

Alibaba vs JD

Single day or Double 11 created by a group of college students in the 1990's for those who don't have a partner and it is like anti-Valentine's Day has become the largest and best for shopping online across the world involving transactions worth several billion dollars.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), this year sales have reached US $14 billion. It seems Single Day objectives are achieved as many single people out there shopping for addressing a sense lonely hearts.

Source: AJ+

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