Apple Has More Than 800 Engineers Working on iPhone Camera

Source: Forbes

Many users are often praised for the quality of the image produced by the iPhone camera but it is also the most popular camera used to record pictures uploaded to Flickr. Now, the secret behind the iPhone camera quality reveal when going through an interview, it said that Apple has more than 800 employees dedicated to the iPhone camera.
With a staff that only focused on camera alone, Apple seen really give serious attention to the results of the last recording performed by their mobile device especially with the features of the camera has become one of the main focuses of the smartphone purchase.

The camera module on the iPhone is said to have about 200 different parts. In addition, Apple also often made in the performance of their camera tests with various different light conditions.

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iPhone 6S which was launched this year by Apple brings 12-megapixel camera, which for the first time increased from 8-megapixel sensor before. Some of the new features included in the new iPhone camera, including support Live Photos and abilities to support 4K footage.

Maybe with more than 800 workers for the iPhone's camera division, we will be able to see some of the reforms included in the new generation iPhone later. iPhone 7 maybe.

Source: TheVerge

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