Dropbox Will Terminate Mailbox And Carousel Application In Early 2016

Dropbox previously took over the popular e-mail client application, Mailbox, and introduce application focused on the picture gallery named Carousel. Previously, the two had been introduced under Dropbox, Dropbox facilities in an effort to expand into other services, however, it seems it is not so successful on behalf of Dropbox.

Dropbox today announced that they will end both applications Mailbox and Caraousel in early 2016 soon. Mailbox will be terminated on February 26, 2016, while the Carousel was on March 31, 2016.
Dropbox also emphasized that their focus in recent months, this is the collaboration and allows users to collaborate using Dropbox.

Despite the termination of Carousel application may not be a big blow, but rather to Mailbox which have users who prefer e-mail client may be, and may want to keep it as normal. Dropbox parties merely said they would provide facilities for users to move and make Transas of these applications easily.

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Source: DropboxBlog

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