Flappy Bird Developers Introduces New Game Swing Copters 2

dotGEARS is one of the mobile game publishers that have made his name popular with the introduction of the game Flappy Birds. Since then, they have come up with some new games, including one of it was Swing Copters.
Finally, they also present an update to the game Swing Copters concerned, where they launched Swing Copters 2.

Swing Copters 2 allow users to buy new characters

It still maintains the same playing style where users need to control their character's fly to the left and to the right - as well as maintaining a style that "offensive".

Some changes and additions included is the ability to choose their character Copters Swing, and also support in-app purchases that allows users to buy new characters and also removed ads on the game.

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For those of you who use a smartphone Android and iPhone, you can download this game today and challenge your ability to control your character Copters Swing.

Source: dotGEARS

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