Ford GT Will Use Gorilla Glass as Windshield

Gorilla Glass is a glass technology used in most portable devices today. Now, the Corning Glass also brought them into the automotive arena in cooperation with Ford.
Through this partnership, it enables the Gorilla Glass used on the Ford GT car mirror later. This mirror is said to be more durable and scratch resistant, and at the same time offering a design that is 30% lighter than traditional glass.

This windscreen will be developed by the Ford and Corning. Through this, it is expected to offer a more efficient use of gas (for lighter car), in addition to reducing the risk of damaged or broken mirrors.

From the demonstration of the use of glass shown, it is seen to survive the beat at high speed, and does not affect the car mirror. This demonstrates its suitability for use on a vehicle that allows the driver will not infected with the objects that appear suddenly on the road, highway, and not damaging your vehicle.

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Gorilla Glass will be used on the Ford GT vehicle only at the moment, and it is impossible not to be integrated in various other Ford vehicles in the future.

Source: FORD

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