Galaxy S7 Expected Equipped Sensitive-pressure Screen Features and Fast Charging USB Type-C

This year 2016, Samsung Mobile are now under preparation to introduce new smartphone under S series Galaxy S7.

As in 2015, Samsung is expected to unveil Galaxy S7 around February or March 2016.

According to today's report from the WSJ, they said that Samsung will add support screen that detects pressure on the smartphone Galaxy S7. It is expected to offer more functionality and less like the 3D Touch hosted by Apple. However, it is not known yet whether Samsung will be different implementation methods or otherwise.
Previously, Huawei has introduced a new device named Mate S with Force Touch support, but did not market aggressively, probably one of the reasons is because of still no support of the application for that device from third-party manufacturers. 3D Force Touch function from Apple viewed more to allow users to access things on the application without having to open the application and select it later.

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Samsung is also expected to introduce a USB Type-C support on Galaxy S7, and also support fast charging. This may make the Galaxy S7 as the first device from Samsung that use port USB Type-C.

In terms of design, Galaxy S7 said may bring the same design as the Galaxy S6, and offer a good quality image recording. For rear camera maybe they will bring a new design with flat backside camera.

Samsung also said to be include support of micro-SD on each version of the Galaxy S7 in future.

Source: Wsj

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