Google Patenting Methods to Get Blood Samples Without Needles

Google through its Life Science (which now operates under the Alphabet) focused on some health-related matters. For related diseases, diabetes, previously Google has introduced a smart contact lenses, and now they have received a patent for a new method of collecting a very small quantity of blood for simple testing purposes.
On this day, for diabetes, it is often a needle is used to check blood sugar levels. This may not be popular, and sometimes high blood quantity is not required for this purpose.

Through a patent filed by Google, it uses micro-sized particles of gas to pass through the skin, and collect small blood balls into a container under pressure.

It may also be completed in an hour or so smart hand that makes it easier for people with diabetes to check their sugar levels in the blood easily.

For now, Google just filed a patent only, and does not share any plans to come with the device. As usual, many companies often file patents for products that may be developed - but not for commercial use. In any case, if the product was introduced by Google, it will necessarily help many people with diabetes around the world - as well as generating additional revenue for the Alphabet.

Source: RT

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