Gta San Andreas Now Available on Playstation Store

GTA: San Andreas on our opinion is the best game in the series of open world games. GTA V may have a more realistic graphics but the number of events and custom character CJ in San Andreas is much better.
It is the game we often play on the PlayStation 2, although the graphics are now outdated. If you miss GTA San Andreas but do not have a PlayStation 2, today there is little good news.

PlayStation 3 owners now can download the game via the PlayStation Store. It is a remake edition with enhanced graphics to 720P and support trophies. This version is said to be comparable with the Xbox 360 version, which appeared last year.

If you want to download you have to use the US version of the PSN account. We do not know why it can not be purchased by the account holder Asia. The sale price is $14.99 and the download size is 2 gigabytes anyway.

Source: PlaystationStore

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