iPhone 7 could be waterproof - Self-healing, waterproof ports

Apple has applied for lots of patents that give us hints about new features that could appear in the iPhone 7. Here are the latest clues about Apple's next iPhone which might not have a headphone port, but could be waterproof.

Patent for the silicon membrane that covers the Lightning port and headphone jack filed by Apple in June 2014. Through this patent both open pit will be covered with a silicone material prevents the ingress of water. 

When user wanted to charge the device, Lightning cable head going through the silicon membrane. After the charging cable is pulled out and it will be back to cover the silicon layer charging port

The special silicon material can be used repeatedly without any damage even penetrated many times by the head of the charger and headphone jack.

Interesting to see Apple using new systems based on silicon material to close open ports. Sony and HTC both use only the hydrophobic layer in the open ports to prevent ingress of water. 

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The system used by Apple's far more effective to prevent the ingress of water and can last longer. It should be noted IP68 water resistance level at Xperia Z5 only allow devices to dive for 30 minutes.

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Source: AppleInsider

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