(Rumors) Apple Will Introduce 4-inch iPhone Early 2016

In 2013 Apple has introduced iPhone 5C which bring a lower price than the iPhone 5 at the time, while at the same time using polycarbonate-based designs. Since that time, Apple did not introduce any updates for it, and now some new rumor comes thereon.
According to the latest rumors, Apple said it will introduce a new iPhone 4-inch size with more or less the same concept as the iPhone 5c that offers basic iPhone functions, and the priced cheaper than iPhone 6S.

They said 4-inch iPhone is possible using the new metal-based designs, in addition to include support for Apple Pay. However, functions such as Force Touch and so may not be included and only exclusive to their iPhone 6S.

According to what is being said, Apple may introduce a new device in the early next year 2016.

As usual, it is still considered as only rumors for now. Maybe we will be able to see the correct answer for a month or two.

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